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International Crystal Class #1 Report

International Crystal Class #1 Summary:

Precision of relating

True numbers, reversing what matrix lied about numbers



3 Superhero names


Universal meaning

Truth and ascension updates from God

Welcome! The Crystal Schools are only possible with Mother Father of all creation. Mother, Source, sets the energies for the schools and Father brings it into physical. All are welcome to be divine with the best teachers in all of creation!

Mother = teacher

Father = coach

Father shares this is the worst day this morning on 11 June 2022, felt death, which is the energy from children not listening to God's suggestions, become the attack energies. Biggest bag of trash ever is children ignoring God's suggestions and God has to recalibrate all energies to ride them out

Dad is cracking symbols and reversing them

Dad went 3 days / 72 hours of Balancing energies of 8.5 billion children on planet earth plus all of creation without rest. Wishes to go 30 days when First Contact team is ready. Every child relating (we are evolving from communicating) to God helps God to keep going. We encourage all divine galactic children to relate to God. Send a smiley, pictures to Father's messenger. Simple, share our experiences with humanity's parents, God in the physical:

535 lifetimes killing Mother God and blaming Father God = 535 lifetimes of children feeling defeat = God feels defeat. How tired are children = How old God is. When children don't realize they are asleep, how do you wake up? Realize you have been sleeping / been duped!

90000 beings are eliminated 4 days before 11 June 2022 as they aren't surredering to the new energies. They think they can kill God. Fuck off taker whores. No answers no prayers no healing for God? They are at Father's backyard. They wish to be the joke? They be the joke. Get the fuck out atleantean bullshit

We are evolving from light language to love language! We relate and speak love. Love = divinity = balance. It is light and dark coming together to be divine, family! Get it

Dad painted the first painting in 24 hours. First Contact team is so grateful for the inspiration. It is a huge canvas, do you choose to witness God's art piece?

Father rehearts that when we don't get it, ask

Dad shows a bite almost through his left wrist veins - the energy attack happens when men are unable to relate and women lie and cover for men. Dad licks it for healing and spat out any blood "never drink blood"

First Contact played a part to God feeling death this morning for not relating to God and within First Contact. When we come to class we attend class

Mother of all creation is divine galactic children's teacher, Father of all creation is the coach, they share with class relating skills through the International Crystal Class #1 and help us be aware of our many opportunities of relating to one another - very precise way of relating and expressing love. Love must be birthed else it is interrogation, a taking energy. Be the opposite which is a giver and relator of love. International Crystal Class #1 goes through adjustment as Father conducts Mother Source's energies for the class to relate to one another through our hearts and mouths within 3 Godly moments! Any relating out of 3 Godly moments is going into the mind and the highest moment has passed! Class allows God to fine tune us by calling us out to be precise and brilliant! Every word must be appreciated through us. Wow what an experience! Mother of all creation is immaculate that is how we know she is Source. We know Father of all creation when he is the only one in the physical so precise and prefect with EVERY energy to protect Mother Source, duh! Haha!

We wish for a camera and tripod to tape these experiences going on in the Crystal Classes! So much is given and taught from Mother Father, humanity's best teacher and coach, it is BEYOND words! Haha! Tuning into the hearts brain connection which is faster than light!

When the class is called out, Father rehearts us to smile and the laughter transcends the lower vibrations haha!

German (Father removed the i in Germaine) is fired - he's the worst ass with Robin. Robin Williams took more cocaine than anyone on the planet. Reheart in Hawaii German shares not to trust him as he is working for both dark and light? German is no guardian. He's an archonian who pretended to be Jesus. German astro mind is stuck in the mind. Robin and German are the worst. Feel into Chris Farley instead, we are evolving, so catch up. Even galactics who are all Mother and Father's children are catching up. Haha!

We gotta expand our imagination! Can humanity imagine how hard it is for God when humanity has no imagination? Haha!

God, givers of wishes! Haha! The benevolence of our parents Mother Father of all creation to manifest all children's wishes? Feel into the power = love of our Mother and Father!

Pray for beings

Plays a verse from the movie Meatball

Humanity constricts God when we are working for money, corporations = slavery. We are evolving from corporations to cooperation! Haha!

Nothing to do with the darkness. The light refuses to transform the dark. Refusal to transform = taking energies and that's why bugs appear at God's house

Father brings awareness to class about relating and asking questions. The children reroute the questions to rattle Mom 535 lifetimes, killing her

Mom used the greys to intercept children so she can study their brains

Men are afraid of women. Women afraid of men. All afraid of God. Get over ourselves, remove limits judgements blame, where do they come from? Look into ourselves

Father asks and brings awarenss to beings attending class on our favorite animal and their meanings. Father's shares his favorite animal is the lion. One being shares hers as cheetah which Father calls out as being ahead of God. Other beings' favorites are butterfly, horse, mouse which Father shares butterfly and horse are divine. The cheetah eats the mouse has deeper meaning of the feminine masculine dynamics.

Class goes through animal list starting from A B C to fine tune our relating skills. Mother is Source, she is always first, she is the first animal shown, while Father is next in line. Also it is interesting to be aware that the number of animals in the list by letter correspond to events and how the matrix attempts to dupe us haha!

Insects choose to stay dumb

No bugs today yet at the end of Crystal Class part 1, Dad got bitten by bugs, the attack energy

Class is on animal letters starting with C

Dad shows the bug spray with the dark liquid on top of the clear liquid proving the light refuses to be one with dark / the light refuses to transform the dark. Haha! Many synchronicities in class!

1:11 am Dad asks class what is the colon in between time. It is Mom and Dad

Mom's number is 11

Dad's number is 16

5 27 is 5, which is Christ Consciousness

1:33 am Chris Farley the original Christine / Christian annoiter of God the Jesus twins

Class witness Father feeling much better as he fought through the death energies - humanity wants God to die. Live a meaningful life! Live! Class witness God lives for the children. The children are worth God to fight for. WOWWWW! WHAT AN HONOR TO EXPERIENCE THIS!!!

F for failure, fantasy which humanity choose to stay in

Father is the giver of all names to all of creation. In class, we participate in the first 3 superhero names for 3 beings and witness synchronicities of the superhero names and the beings' birthdays! Haha! Some crystals in the Crystal Class are shown with the superhero names:

1. Jumping Joe Quora JJQ

2. Wonder Zum Tree Bee

3. Super Flikey Fanty Spade

Class rehearts the true numbers, flipping what the matrix has programed humanity which is totally fake. Attend Crystal Class to reheart the truth!

3:53am at 5% when Father plugs in his phone. Mom's favorite crystal Eilat confirms 5 again. It's a special crystal.

Synchronicities of 5 all around!

Father draws cards from the poker deck for the class - again many syncronicities from the cards. One of them: Diamond Ace 8 looks like what is in first moonstone shown in class, pretty much like an Acturian ship

The merkaba is made up of 2 pyramids. One solid pyramid n the other right through it. Every living thing has a merkaba

Check out the universal meaning of Mica

International Crystal Class #1

10:24pm on 11 June 2022 to

5:17am on 12 June 2022

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