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Parenting Class
With Mother Father God

Divine parents = divine children


Dysfunctional parents = dysfunctional children


 Mother Father God is here on the planet, caring, educating, reversing dysfunction and embodying divinity for 8.5 billion children


All therapies are performed in the unified field, by Mother Father God, the only kind available on Earth and in creation.

Languages available: English, 普通话, Español, Française

The therapy is held over one video call or multiple video calls, depending on the therapyrequirements. Donation for one call or multiple calls is the same at $22.22, our parents are here and committed to heal every family unit!

Be the divine intelligence within ourselves and with our children!

The energetic healing and counseling is customized and targets all our specific requirements. All is possible with Mother Father of all creation. Everything is energy and everything can be healed with energy

As Mother Father of all creation birthed all 8.5 billion children, including their 'earth' children, they have been with all of humanity since eternity, from changing humanity's diapers, our first hello to reversing the dysfunction in children - reversing the dysfunction in our food, air, education, TV, chemicals, distraction and any dysfunction in our torridal field interaction with beings, Mother Father of all creation have experienced it all

As humanity's best therapists, counsellors, psychologists, doctors, Mother Father are apt and specific to every parent - child relationship :

- stress

- grief

- aggression

- self harm, expression of suicidal behavior

- guilt

- addiction

- conflicts

- financial imbalance

- mental imbalance

- emotional imbalance

= spiritual imbalance

- communication with siblings 

- separation or divorce

- developmental delays

- bullying 

- traumatic events

- experiencing moving, natural disasters

- social isolation

- building self esteem


- 'Autism'

- 'Dyslexia'

- stuttering, language imbalance

- picky eaters

- hand eye coordination

- muscle strengthening

- expression imbalance

- focus

- body awareness

-developing divine intelligence



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Western Union: Please contact us at or for the transfer information 

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