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Galactic Children

Mother and Father are here to help all Children ascend

The Rainbow generation of Children carry special sets of codes to help bring in the New Earth, each one of them being so very special

The Children are our future

Who else to best guide and heal them, than Mother and Father of All Creation, the only  true parents?

Children are still very connected to the eteric realms. Can your children see the angels, or remember their past lives? They came here to teach us as well learn from us

Coming down to the realm of duality = 3d is many times very traumatic for them. Moreover, they pick up the programming from their environments. Because they are also huge energy transformers, the energies can get overwhelming for them if not processed correctly

We are here to help

Mother and Father have worked with many children throughout the years. We are currently also working with children direcly in the Field and experiencing amazing transformations

Is your child experiencing any kind of sickness? Are they acting out? Are they whinning, being agressive, bored, depressed, not knowing how to share, lacking patience, gratitude, respect or discipline, or are in any other kind of lower energies? Do they lack a big smile on their faces?

The children know how to be divine. It is our role as adults to guide and support them, and to set an example for them. Any kind of imbalance in any family relationship is to be corrected

We work with children of all ages

The Children came to be free and creative, sharing in the Unity of Joy and Love with All

Allow Mother and Father to work with and through them, to heal and help them in any way, shape or form required

We are all like little children inside. As we work with your child, we will be working with you - the parents/guardians at the same time

Click below to book your Communion with Mother and Father, or send us a message! We are always happy to help


Suggested donation is $22.22 USD for 1  communion  (30 minutes) 

$11.11 USD for all daughters and sons who wish to book in pairs: Mothers daughters, Mothers Sons, Fathers Daughters, Fathers Sons, Aunts Uncles, Cousins

With all the Love

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