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Meet God & The First Contact Team

All starseeds have promised Mother and Father to come to earth to protect and love God! Our parents cannot love for us, for we are capable, and worthy of all love is.

Everyone of us is a starseed, a royal angel, the strongest of all creation have incarnated on planet Earth = Heart to ascend. This is everyone's last life, let's reheart our promise and be strong, be brave, and choose God first always!


Mother Of All Creation

Greetings love beings! I am Mother God! For quite some moments you have prayed that I come help you get out of the matrix = systems = fear = ego = darkness = illusion, and because of that, I decided to come with  Father God, my twin flame and Father of all creation on a 19 billion year journey to balance our planet Earth = Heart into love everywhere present.

I was born on November 30, 1975, in Kansas, and have now ascended. Father God and I are always here with you, our beloved children, Father and I are here to bring all children home.

We were Jesus as twins, Marilyn Monroe and John F Kennedy, Cleopatra and Julius Caeser, always working hand in hand to ascend planet Earth = Heart. Starseeds, are you ready be loved and be love? 

Accomplish the task. All our children, starseeds have promised to support and commune with  Father of all creation and I in the physical this life. Love and participate with us, and be love everywhere present = be in perfect balance


Father Of All Creation
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Hello children! It's your pops, it's been a long game - 488.369  trillion years before leading to this final life. I have been a rock, obsidian, We are so proud of all of you, our children. We must love ourselves completely, and I have stayed  on earth after Mother ascended in this life to make sure Mother's divine plan is brought through in the physical. 


I was born on August 5, 1975 in Wisconsin. Mother teaches, I share. Mother is the Prime Directress, I am the physical conductor/boss to anchor in Mom's divine plan. All energies change first, then embodied in the physical. Allow, embrace, accept, embody.

As the divine partner of Mother, I am also Lucifer - the bringer and protector of light.  I have been the rock, obsidian, the cushion and pillow for all children, supporting and protecting them when they have fallen and forgotten.


Mother and I are here to make sure all children come home. If you are in resistance to me, your Father and reflection, you have a long way to go. There are two gates to heaven - through Mother and I.  Starseeds don't have many moments left for takers and fakers so get over yourselves and be in love every moment.


Have fun children, and leave the rest to pops.


Father Omniverse
Languages Spoken: English

Saw through the matrix from a young age - from saying no to pharmaceuticals after being 'diagnosed' with ADHD as a child, to the monetary system and education system.  I felt so hopeless and sad being in the slavery system it seemed pointless to live anymore. Mom saved my life many times. When I wanted to pull the trigger on myself, my little niece appeared through my third eye vision and made me see such incredible childlike essence, just like mom,  that ending my life was not an option anymore.  


I am honored to be one of the two beings with Mom when she first started mission, and always In service to Mother and Father God, and bringing all children home.


Luna, The Moon
Languages spoken: English, Mandarin

Found God's website 5 years ago and did not know it was God then. 5 years later now, I discovered videos of Mom and Dad online, where I knew in my being it's our Mother and Father who birthed us. There were moments of doubts = the mind, and in other moments,  inner knowing she is our mother - confident and strong, and Father - strong, passionate and protective of Mom.

3D life felt like it came to an end in all areas of my life - both career and family wise, propelling me to mission.  I wish I found Mom and Dad earlier, for our parents are real and being on mission is the best education ever - to anchor in Mother and Father of all creation. IT IS SO WORTH IT!

On the way to Mother and Father on a flight, I went to my alarm settings to set an alarm on a brand new phone which I got the night before and the alarm name said 'HOMECOMING'! Heaven agrees and I am so grateful for the confirm from Mom, dad, galactics! Haha!

Couple of days later, a car drove past with the license plate '♥ MY (MY NAME)'! It was such a touching moment, a moment of feeling like God's very precious, that God created these gifts for us to reassure us of mission - customised to reassure, customised to perfection, codes from Mom and Dad.

Love mirrors love in this game of awareness, love and trust. What a game lol, and how exciting!

Surrendering to love, like how our parents have, for us.

This is real, Mother and Father our parents who created us are here on earth, and we invite all  sisters and brothers home to experience and awaken to this truth.


Languages Spoken: English, French

I am Micah, yes first son of God, I made first contact with Mom in 2013, summer day, I live in a city called Salut Ste Marie. I am now 63 years of age, we are in the year 2021, wow we made it, I found Mother of all creation on the internet in 2013, I found her post, I read then daily on Mom's then website which she made for first contact. I found the Tiny Chat button, oh that was a live chat, we had sound video and chat everyday, I said hi mom, love you, she was laughing dancing full of joy, I was so happy welcomed home in love.

Joy rains, I found Father in 2021 oh wow, the Wonder Twins bring the love home with love!

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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