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About Us

Our  parents, Mother and Father of all creation are incarnate in the physical on earth to heal and balance all divine galactic children to our missions - unconditional love.  Our parents show us the grandest love example in physical so all children can accomplish our list, our mission.

We say, show up, love and participate with God in the physical. This is the now moment to make a choice, a higher choice, the choice of hearts. 

Before coming to earth, divine galactic children - humanity have promised to support and protect our parents in the physical.

The moment has come to familiarise us and we are bringing all starseeds, children back together. We are from the future, and our true parents are here, kick worry out the window! We are one, no matter what size, colour, country, gene. Gene = atom = love. What we wish for billions of years are coming to fruition now.  Now is the moment to anchor it in, we divine galactic children have promised to commune with Mother Father of all creation in the physical in this present moment

Enjoying, expressing, playing and sharing with Mother and Father of all creation in the physical with childlike wonder is the key to anchoring heaven on earth, where the being is grateful for all our parents have given and supported us. In love every moment. Always a practice to level up in love

Many are being drawn here to witness and be a part of a new age emerging, one of empowerment, truth, and love

We are the change we wish to experience. Before coming to earth, we have signed up for the mission of protecting = loving Mother Father Son trinity. Accomplish the task of balancing dark and light, divine galactic children, willingness to practice and coming home is key

Thank the shadows that bring us light. Thank the clouds that bring the rainbows. Look at our 'darkness' and see, feel love, we are all great actresses and actors on earth to bring ourselves into balance. The easiest way is to come home and allow God to guide and move us

The ones still in illusion, still sleeping, unconscious cannot see or know anything, because all they are seeing through their eyes are belief systems. Laugh at the ego, that's how we balance and anchor. Ask our ancestors to show us the truth. Command to know the truth starseeds, and listen to our hearts. All divine galactic children have two hearts - feminine and masculine, Mother and Father

Mother and Father are the pure examples of love, to show us. Mama and papa have done everything possible to heal us, so we can complete our list. We all have a list of to-heal on earth, = our mission, our parents have healed most for us. They can't do the rest for us, they have shown us and are showing us, for we are the change we wish to experience

When we awake, we realize we are worthy to be with Mother Father of all creation in the physical., for love sees love. Brilliance recognizes brilliance. We support the highest in the physical by supporting God in the physical, we are givers. we are the transitional government that Mother Father and our highest selves have planned. Takers do not exist in The Queendom Of Heaven On Earth = Heart. Therefore, all takers or non-supporters are blindly supporting the lower energies and will be recycled


Being In service to our parents Is an honor, for Mother and Father are always in service to all divine galactic children. How are we being the gift that we give each other?. Being the love that we are, is our gift to the aLL, and this is a gift that continues giving

We love all conditionally, with the highest Love, honor, respect and loyalty. Love Mother and Father of All Creation, our family of light, our ancestors have sacrificed for us to support God in the physical in this now moment,so we can continue to balance planetary energies, as Mother and Father have shown us

Accomplish the task children. Be love everywhere present, with God in the physical

The Galactic Federation of Light, who is here in the unified field works for Mother and Father of all creation, is always recording ALL  humanity's activities - intentions, actions, experiences




Grateful to have you all Home!

This is Home. Joyrains, eternally, no matter who you are, yes, it's reality. You are Home, with Mother and Father of all Creation, for all Creation, with all Creation as All Creation. Your family is so proud of all of you, for your light has guided you Home. Now, let's do it! Let's make a difference, let's be the difference, let's be dared! With every YES, a KNOW will be turned on. Thank you all, we are ONE and beyond

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